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Vado Taps

It’s extremely important that we as a company provide exceptionally good customer service to all of our clients. Bathrooms at Source is based around this as a business as we are family oriented and independent; this is why we have so many ways of helping our customers to find the right bathrooms and accessories and items within this field, from our showroom - which is the most effective way to see our branded products in person - to our online shop, which is the easiest way to get them delivered straight to your door the very next day, with free delivery to those living in London!

Vado Taps are one of the many brands we offer to our customers as an authorised dealer. They offer many different shapes and styles of taps to suit the bathrooms of varying customers and meet their needs. Kensington, for example, is a classic style, old fashioned and beautiful, as are Wentworth and Victorana, which would be good choices if your bathroom and property is of an older style such as Victorian or Edwardian in its architectural design. Ranges such as Ion, Photon, Phase, Zoo, Sense, Life, Te, Summit and Geo, on the other hand, would all suit something modern.

Vado offers numerous different ranges for this reason: suiting the needs of different customers. Synergie is particularly unusual as are Altitude and Origins; they may suit a bathroom and house which is even more hyper modern, quirky or futuristic. It all depends on what style fits you, what ambience you are aiming to evoke and express. Our customer friendly staff will be happy to help you with this, too - just give us a call.

Without any doubt, we are very impressed with the quality of Vado as a brand and feel privileged to, as an authorised dealer, be able to offer their products to you, our customers.

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